Wednesday, August 10, 2011

God has been Faithful

Although I have not shared much of this on the blog, God has been doing a huge work in our lives. Through a series of events, the Lord truly revealed the direction he wants us to go for now. There are no promises of what the end result will be other than He will be faithful. This direction included many diligent hours of Brandon studying for the MCAT.  Only by God's grace and power, did Brandon's results blow us away. We praise the Lord ultimatley and supremely for all that he has done and will do, again, no matter the result!

This was us as we called our families to rejoice!

I am so incredibly blessed to have a husband who seeks after the Lord and His will for our family.

Our Sweet Friends: Kev and Kaitlyn

The past few weeks  have been fun weekends with friends. One especially great Friday night was the sleepover of the century. ha. I think it was the first time we have had a married couple spend the night. It was a blast! The boys, of course, played video games and Katilyn and I cooked. These pretty fellas were the result.

                                                        This was the boy's favorite part!!
                                                           Playing with fire....

Needless to say it was a fun night and weekend with the Furniss'. We treasure them and their friendship!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Best, Greatest, Cutest, Sweetest

I have missed blogging about many events in the past 6 weeks or of my favorites being our time with these guys!! These are 3 of our 4 nephews. Greatest little boys in the world if you ask B or I. Love them and every moment we get with them!!!

 We had a spend the night party and boy was it fun! Our menu for the weekend consisted of: pizza, fruit dip, ice cream, gummies, twix, milky ways, cookies, and doughnuts. From playing games to renting movies to having them fall asleep in my arms...the time was treasured. We love these boys and pray blessings on them as they grow into young men of God!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Happy Anniversary to us! Wow how it seems crazy it has been a whole year...but it has been the best year of my life! I have loved every moment and look forward to oh so many to come! I love you Brandon!

                                                  (our door decorated by my sweet family)

Variety of Crafts

A few friends mentioned this past weekend that they were still waiting on the pictures to show up. Ha.  Good thing they didn't hold their breath. I have been so busy sewing that I have forgotten all about blogging. From beach bags, to beach hats, to baby clothes, to birthday presents..the sewing has seemed to be a full time job, but oh so fun! The following are just a few of the many things that have come from the numerous days of missed blogging.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vacation is near

Yes, as my sister-in-law reminded me, there are still not any pictures posted. I know, I know. They will come sometime in the future. Somehow the weekend and week has gone by so quickly.  With hectic schedules and being sick, the last thing I have wanted to do is fulfill my promises on my blog. Ha, kidding. Well...kindof. Meanwhile, all I can think about is what the next two weeks hold for us. B has a big event coming up next week. We are fully relying on the Lord, and it has been truly an incredible time to grow in Christ together. We praise him in advance for whatever the outcome maybe. Still anxious..but clinging to Ephesians 4 that reminds us to" be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication make your request be made known to God". He will be faithful as we have already seen...clinging to that.

The next week we will happily join my family in Florida. Oh my I can't wait!!!!! To sit on the beach with a book for hours with my husband and family will be nothing but bliss! We are counting down the days until both of these events occur. Meanwhile, here is a picture from the first time B came to the beach with my family.

I will continue dreaming of the beach....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pictures to Come

Its been an interesting week here! Husband working very late nights toward a to do list seeming to grow...and no posts here. But this weekend, I promise to post pictures! In the past week I have finished my polka-dot camera strap for our new camera, appliqued more shirts with some adorable new designs, begun working on some picture boards for my kitchen and a friend's baby room, and my favorite......finished Amy Butler's Cosmo Bag!

Can't wait to show you all these pictures soon! This weekend I promise! Hope you all are ready for Mother's Day....excited to remind my mom what a treasure she is to us!